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THE Scale-Out NAS File System for Software Defined Storage




Among many Software Defined Storage, Scale-Out NAS or Cloud Storage, why InfiniStor?

We believe they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH

 InfiniStor is THE better alternative 


InfiniStor is 

Software Defined Storage file system.  InfiniStor scales practically unlimited, provide interfaces for File Services, BLOCK Storage, and Object Services.  InfiniStor’s unique designs allows users to develop intelligent user file system using InfiniStor SDKs. 

InfiniStor Data Repository Layer is Scalable.

It consists of Object Servers and DISKs built-in the servers.  It can scale to over 500 servers and 1000 DISKs, and grows as necessary

InfiniStor provides multi-protocol interfaces.

Users can access InfiniStor via NAS, BLOCK, OBJECT, or SDKs of any mixed choices.  Files/object stored using any protocol is accessible by other protocols.

InfiniStor provides Hierarchial Account Management. Group/User Account Management is similar to that of Active Directory or LDAP.

Existing Active Directory or LDAP should smoothly integrates with InfiniStor. If No AD or LDAP, InfiniStor provides one.

As InfiniStor Hierarchial Account Management, it also provides QUOTA management together with the account management. 

Each Group/User may be assigned with QUOTA. The QUOTA may be shared with FILE/OBJECT/BLOCK Services

InfiniStor provides Disaster Recovery.  It is not only file synchronization tool, it is operation level DR built-in to the file system.

InfiniDR is multi-way DR among InfiniStor systems.  Policy may be configured as One-Way, BiDirectional, One to Many, or RELAY. Policy is per VOLUME based and the two InfiniStor systems may not be identical configurations or sizes.


Securage is

security enhanced NAS File System on InfiniStor. 

Securage is DLP/DRM embedded NAS Client that ensures files stored in Securage are protected from Leak-out.  Securage is still a NAS, thus files can be shared by appropriate users.  However, once files leave from Securage, files are corrupted.   

With Securage,

Applications READ/WRITE

data Encrypted on-the-fly

How it Works

Securage is a InfiniStor client side file system.

When Files are written, Securage encryps data on the fly.

When Files are opened, Securage checks if the APPLICATION-USER-DEVICE is allowed to open the files.  When all credentials match, files are opened successfully and Securage decrypt/encrypt data on the fly for all READ/WRITE Operations.

KEY Management

Every file has a different KEY.

No additioanl KEY management is necessary as KEY is a part of file system 

KEYs are stored in MDS Servers safely.

There is no Administrator for MASTER KEY or no one has access to the KEYs

Comparisons to traditional methods

Traditional DLP/DRM

Files are decrypted and saved as temporary files.  

When done, saved and encryped at once


All READ/WRITE encrypt/decrypt data from file on-the-fly!!!



Cloud Storage Service Platform based on InfiniStor.

CSSP is designed for On-Premise Cloud Storage Services for users upto 500,000.  It contains its own IAM that integrates nicely with existing Microsoft's Active Directory Servers or LDAP Services.

CSSP inherits all benefits of InfiniStor, Securage, and IAM.

CSSP provides perfect, ready to deply on-premise storage services


CSSP uses InfiniStor as a Storage Device.  Normally two InfiniStors are installed and configured.  Two InfiniStors are configured with Disaster Recovery using InfiniDR.  Each InfiniStor may be different capacity or configurations.  All advanced features of InfiniStor will be application in the future. 

Storage Services

Storage Services is Gateway servers with requsted protocol services to the users.  CSSP Provides all protocols that InfiniStor provides including NFS, CIFS, SECURAGE, Object Storage Services.

Nomally, for each user/group, service Gateway is created using VM. For each user/group, multiple Gateway servers may be provided.

Service Management 
CSSP Service Management is Business Service Management (BSS) framework.
BSS provides Tenant Management, Quota Management, Usage Management, and Log / Billing / Metering Data Managemnt
Op .Management

CSSP Operation Management is Operations Service System (OSS) framwork.  OSS Provides H/W monitoring, S/W patch and deployment, and configuration management.

All functionalities are provided using DASH board, CLI command and REST-APIs


Identification Access Management is user/group account management platform.  CSSP IAM provides hierarchial multi-tenant user/group account management.

Existing MS Active Directory or LDAP services may be used with CSSP IAM

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